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Clubs That Fit Better Hit Better Shots
Author: Jan Roberts
Level: Any
Tip: There are two very basic aspects in the game of golf - the equipment and the person.

For us to get the best out of both, we need to trust our equipment and swing. If we are not doing both comfortably, our games will suffer.

Getting fit for clubs with a qualified fitter will head you toward a more consistent swing. Club analysis will determine the quality of your equipment. Don't presume that the set of clubs you bought at the store are right because commonly they are not consistent in length, loft, lie, swing weight, etc. Getting fit for clubs by a qualified fitter is definitely worth the investment.

It is much easier to make a more consistent swing with equipment that fits your body correctly. We all aren't the same size nor do we all have exactly the same strength. The size of your clubs directly determines performance and comfort. If you don't have consistent quality clubs in your bag, how are you going to play consistently? Playing great golf and scoring well can be a lifelong journey. You need to use the proper equipment sized to you.
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