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Golf Tips 
Setting Up on the Tee Box
"Tee up the ball on the "side of trouble" so you can hit away from it."
Author: Diane Thomason
Purpose: Hit more fairways.
Level: Beginner
Timeline: You should see results immediately.
Tip: On the tee, tee the ball up on either the right or left side of the tee box, not directly in the center of the tee. If you tee it up in the middle, you effectively take away half of the fairway. Standing to either the right or left leaves you room for error if you hook or slice the ball. Pick a target that if you hit the ball straight you are still in the fairway, but if you should slice the ball you will still end up in the fairway. If you slice the ball you’ll stand on the right hand side of the tee, left hand side if you hook the ball. You always want to tee the ball up on the “side of trouble” so that you can hit away from the trouble.
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