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Struggling with the Driver? Check Your Set-Up
"Most golfers know to move the ball position forward in their stance and to tee the ball so that ½ of the ball is above the top of the club, but most forget how important shoulder alignment and spine tilt is in the driver set up. "
Author: Sheryl Maize
Purpose: To provide a simple checklist of the proper driver set up position, especially for those who tend to slice, pull or pop up their tee shots.
Level: Intermediate
Timeline: Most students see a difference during the first practice session. It will take several practice sessions and some constant checking in a mirror to get comfortable with the new driver set up.
Tip: The Problem:
Without realizing it, most golfers twist their upper body to look at the ball the same way they do with their irons. With a forward ball position this often “opens” the shoulders and puts more weight on the front foot. Open shoulders at address often lead to a short, steep backswing that is outside the target line. Since your arms, hands and club will generally follow your shoulder path, this sets you up to cut across the ball from the outside on the downswing. The results are often pop ups, big slices or pulls.

Here’s the fix (for right-handed golfers):
Check out your set up position in a mirror or sliding glass door if you can. Make sure your weight is even or I prefer slightly more weight loaded up on your right side. You may feel like you’ve tilted your spine away from the target and your right shoulder should be lower at address. Looking at the back of the ball is also helpful.

Another simple check without a mirror is to make sure your right forearm is lower than your left—this is a key indicator for you of what your shoulders are doing. With the proper set up you are ready to grip it and rip it with your driver!
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