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Golf Tips 
Don't Compensate for Ill-Fitted Equipment
"Be sure that your clubs fit you not to compensate your golf swing to fit your equipment. "
Author: Sandy Lemon
Purpose: Better ball flight (direction) and obtaining your maximum distance.
Level: Any
Timeline: You should see immediate results.
Tip: My preference is a dynamic fit (seeing ball flight outdoors) not a static fit (checking finger tips to floor or stationary set-up).

1.) Irons
-Check lie angle (using lie board & tape)
-Shaft length (face tape)
-Shaft type (graphite vs. steel)

2.) Driver
-Shaft Flex (clubhead speed)
-Loft (optimal trajectory)

3.) Grip Size

Graphite Shafts are not only lighter (more clubhead speed) but are shock absorbers (less vibration). Great for ladies or players with physical limitations (shoulders, elbows, hands).
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