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Never 3 Putt Again!
"If you follow these steps, you will be able to putt like the Pros!"
Author: Karyn Dunphy
Purpose: Have more fun, play faster and lower your scores!
Level: Any
Timeline: Results are immediate
Tip: Become a consistently good putter and avoid the dreaded 3 putt!
For this to occur, a consistent routine has to be in place. A consistently good routine has to produce consistently good results. Itís physics my dear! If you put high quality elements in your routine and practice effectively, you will become a good putter, maybe excellent. Next time you watch a great player, notice the actions they take before they swing the putter. Notice what you do before you swing your putter. Whatís different? Use the following formula until you master it, then you can make changes. You will be a much better putter, much more fun to play golf with, and your scores will drop! The routine I use in putting today is so simple I can count on it perfectly!

1. I always mark the ball; lift it, clean it, and replace it when itís my turn to putt. (For most players, I advise using the line on the ball as an aiming aid. Most professionals do this. This solves what direction youíre going to roll the ball.) To expedite speed of play, I assess curve or break of the putt before itís my turn to putt, if possible. I walk the surface of the green to feel the slope which helps determine how much force is required. Your feet will tell you as much or more than your eyes do! Most amateurs stand still and watch the other players putt until itís their turn, then they putt and miss, and miss again and wonder why they are poor putters. Insanity!

2. After placing the ball on the green and assessing Ďbreakí, I take two practice swings. Any more than that is too much. I do this behind the ball, facing the hole, not the ball. The purpose of this is to take ownership of the target, to capture it in my mind, to set my intention of rolling my ball into the hole. I see it, feel it, then walk to the ball to hole it!

3. Very importantly, I set the center line of my putter to the center line on the ball. This promotes centeredness of hit. This is essential to rolling the ball where you intended to. (If you mishit the ball towards the heel or toe of the putter, you have misdirected it.) Once the putter is set, I set my feet, then my posture, then my arms and hands. I look at the hole one last time before letting my breath all the way out as my eyes return to the ball. When my eyes get back to the ball, itís time for my putter to moveÖ the swing has begun with a perfect outcome in my mind! Maybe the best tip youíll ever receive on putting is to keep your eyes perfectly still while putting! If you do this well, you wonít see the ball after itís been hit until itís about 7-8 feet away from you, and youíll absolutely have a much higher likelihood of rolling the ball where you want! In the hole! A putt of less than 6 feet or less should not be seen going into the hole, only heard!
Now this is ĎHole-isticí putting!
Never 3 Putt Again!
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