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Golf Tips 
Make the Most of Your Swing
"Just because you are a woman, does not necessarily mean you need ladies clubs and playing with a manís hand-me-down clubs usually makes the game tougher and less enjoyable!"
Author: Amy Grayek
Purpose: To maximize your potential as a golfer.
Level: Any
Timeline: If you are using properly fit clubs for the first time you should see results immediately.
Tip: 1. Decide that you enjoy playing golf.
2. Start by hitting some demo irons at a facility that has certified club fitters on staff.
3. Hit a variety of irons based on your level of play. Beginner Ė most forgiving Intermediate- most forgiving, middle of the line of forgiveness, Advanced Ė a variety of all clubs.
4. Choose 2 or 3 brands of club that you like best based on how they feel, look, or sound. Remember that the clubs you are trying may not be the same specs as the ones you need, so it is ok if the ball is not doing exactly what you want it to do. You just want to make sure you like the clubs first.
5. Schedule an appointment with a professional to be fit for clubs. You should always be fit while actually hitting the clubs.
6. The professional will fit you in about 30 minutes and you can order the clubs to your specifications! The clubs should cost the same as buying off the shelf.

Make sure you find out if the facility has womenís and menís clubs to try before you go!
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