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Golf Tips 
The Big 8
"This excercise will help you increase your club head speed"
Author: Bobbie Beattie
Purpose: Get more distance with your driver
Level: Any
Timeline: Instant improvement!
Tip: The next time you are at the driving range, try this exercise. Take your driver and turn it upside down. Place your hands on the shaft just below the head. Take your normal grip and setup. Lift the club so that the grip end is 8" above the ground. Now make a complete swing 5 times and listen. Make sure while you're swinging, that the grip end does not touch the grass. Try to the whipping sounds that you hear at the bottom of the swing. At first you many not hear a sound but keep trying. The louder the sound, the further the ball will travel! Repeat the big swish exercise by turning your driver right side ip and make 5 more swings. The big 8" swish takes away the tension in your shoulders and arms. The softer the arms, the easier it is to make a louder swishing sound. Do this exercise every time you practice with your driver. You will generate more club head speed and see your drives soar farther.

You can also take your new 8" swish practice swing to the golf course!
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