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Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can't, either way, you're right! -Henry Ford
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Karyn Dunphy
Front 9: About Golf
1: What is your philosophy on golf?
I see things differently these days. Over the past few years, as my teaching skills have progressed and matured. I started to acquire that thing called �wisdom�. One reason was having a heart attack in December of 2011. I had a brush with mortality, recovered, I learned new lifestyle habits, and appreciated golf for what it is. A game. A game though, that one can discover much about themselves.

Every time I step on a golf course these days, I am aware of gratitude filling me up. I am so grateful for being able to play golf, and for being able to assist people in learning to play better and have more fun doing it! Always on the golf course somewhere, I find myself saying, �nice job God!�

Another contributing factor in my shift in philosophy was my study of metaphysics. Often times, one takes up the study of metaphysics as a result of handling life�s challenges and health crises. I joyfully began to use the personal skills I acquired in my studies, in golf and the teaching of golf. I incorporated the application of metaphysics to the learning of the game of golf. It�s a challenge to quantify things like joy, intention, focus, gratitude, love, purpose, satisfaction, frustration; but nevertheless they are an integral part of the process of learning how to play better golf and enjoy it more. This is the humble beginning of the golf education company I have founded this year called: New Thought Golf! Check out our new website, www.NewThoughtGolf.com

I say the purpose of playing golf is to have FUN! At any skill level, a person can learn to play better golf and have more fun doing it! This is what I facilitate. I assist the player by giving them personal development tools and skills that allow them to go within and discover the source of their true power. This is the �Spirit� within us. Our imagination. Our intuition. This is what does the work. Combine: receiving amazing instruction from your LPGA Teaching Professional, focusing on the joy, the power of Spirit within, and imagination, and you�ll have your own award winning recipe that will yield more progress in golf than trying endlessly to memorize someone�s concept of the �perfect golf swing�! �May the course be with you!�
2: Who is/was your favorite Tour pro?
I have to update this because there are so many great players today. I really love to watch the Americans like Brittany Lincicome, Cristie Kerr, and Paula Creamer. One of the most amazing demonstrations of balance, tempo and power belongs to Japan�s, Ai Miyazato. On the guys side, totally amazing; Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler, and Brandt Snedeker. On the senior side, I love to watch Fred Funk.
3: What is the hottest club in your bag?
My putter! I love putting.
4: If you didn't teach golf, what would you do?
Be a travel agent and travel
5: What's the first thing you tell a new golfer?
Be patient! Golf isn't a fast game.
6: How many different golf shirts do you have? Favorite color?
25 Favorite color: Sky blue
7: Who helps you with your swing?
I and the Spirit within.
8: What is the best score you ever shot?
9: What is your favorite course to play?
Cypress Point
Back 9: About You
10: Name your pets, if you have any.
My golden retrievers, Lucky and Pancakes
11: Name your biggest pet peeve, if you have one.
People who throw chewing gum out on the pavement in hot weather.
12: Favorite snack?
Fresh fruit
13: What kind of car do you drive?
Honda Pilot SUV
14: Who is your favorite superhero?
Wonder woman
15: What is the best song to dance to?
You are so beautiful
16: What is the most you'll pay for a gallon of gas?
Whatever is necessary
17: Paper or plastic?
Paper or re-usable
18: Are you a morning person or a night owl?
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